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Hello Visitors, This set of privacy policy can help you become informed about what type of information about you is being collected by the French Boot Collection website. The policy essentials provided in this section apply to all of the elements of French Boot Collection website such as French Boot Collection hosted and French Boot Collection tuts+ (sites). Whenever terms like ‘we’ or ‘us’ are used it signifies that the user relevant data is gathered by only the authorized members and administrators of our website. Similarly, the term ‘user terms’ signify the set of rules outlined for the users and visitors of this website along with other sites associated to French Boot Collection group. For every product/service offered by this online footwear store, the rules may vary

Type Of Information We Collect

1. Personal information like name, phone numbers, residential address and email address.

2. Our system may also require information about your IP address, survey responses, member name, user id or username, contact info, blogs, profiles, photos, preferred payment modes, payment agent information, support queries and other relevant information that may help us in serving you better. For job applicants, the site also requires resume or cv and cover letter.

How Personal Information About A User Is Gathered?

1. The personal information about a user is directly inquired or collected from the user of the sites. It is collected automatically as a user may navigate through different sections of our website. In some cases the information is also collected through other people when you may use any of our services provided through our website.

2. The process of membership registration requires personal information about the user, personal information is also required when user is willing to purchase a product or services through the website, or subscribes to newsletters, or chooses to submit a feedback, become part of a contest, becomes part of a survey, or chooses to communicate through website.

Personal Information That Is Collected From Others

Generally, we collect the personal information about a user directly from the user. However, on different occasion we do collect certain categories of information about users from different sources. For instance:

1. Third party providers such as google, facebook or twitter that are used to attain personal information about users who have been using our services. The information that is gathered is usually in form of registration ids or profiles. The information that is attained varies from person to person and is controlled by the third party provider or as authorized by the user via privacy settings with the service provider.

2. Other third-party sources are also used from whom we receive additional information about our users (as per applicable law) which includes demographic data or fraud detection data which is further combined with the information that we have gathered about our user. We also collect data about our users and their activities on and off our website portals by using the data bank of our partners and ad networks.

How Personal Information Is Used?

1. The personal information is used for the company’s legitimate interests like for use of third party. Some of the interests are given as:

  • Operating the website.
  • Connecting users with the services presented on the sites.
  • For Verification of your identity when you sign in to our sites.
  • For support tickets and for resolving disputes (if need be).
  • For updating users with important operational news regarding changes in the website or services
  • For the purpose of technical analysis that can help in improving the system.
  • For the purpose of monitoring activities to offer prevention from online frauds and scams.
  • For the management of the relationship with clients.
  • For the management of legal and operational matter of the site.
  • For staff training purpose so best services are offered.
  • For administration and performance management functions.
  • For the purpose of processing job applications.

2. Personal information is used when you give consent. This applies to cases when users are provided with marketing information or ads about products and services that we may deem to be of user’s interest. Also for cases, when we customize our services, portals and sites to offer a personalized experience by using cookies and other relevant technologies.

3. Personal information is also used for purposes that are enforced by the laws of the state.

4. For responding to requests by government, court, law agencies, or law enforcing authorities.

To Whom And When Do We Disclose Your Personal Information?

Following are the recipients to whom your personal information is disclosed:

  1. Companies that are part of or associated with French Boot Collection group.
  2. Service providers that assist us in connecting with the personal information of a user, particularly for website hosting providers locally and internationally.
  3. Professional advisors like legal or financial advisors located in the countries we operate.
  4. Government and regulatory authorities.
  5. Third party in order to respond to a request of criminal investigation or to offer support in the investigation of an illegal activity.
  6. Third party in order to enforce or defend our rights.

How Personal Information Is Secured?

Secure servers are used to store personal information of users that are managed and handled by our team or associated service providers. By the use of security and access control measures, we store and transmit the personal information of our users.

Use Of Personal Information For Marketing Purpose

We use personal information to market a product or service only after receiving the consent from our users. For instance, if you subscribe to our newsletters or to our email list you will be sent market communication emails. However, you can always change your settings in case if you do not wish to receive such emails by using the option of ‘unsubscribe’ provided within the communication.

Cookies/ Web Analytics

When a user visits our website, some information is recorded anonymously where the identity of the user is not revealed. Following are some of such details:

  • User’s IP address or proxy server IP address.
  • Requested domain name.
  • In some cases, the name of user’s internet provider which also depends on the configuration of ISP connection.
  • Date and time of website visit.
  • Session’s length.
  • The pages which have been accessed by the user.
  • Frequency of visits over the website within a month.
  • The URL of the file user looks at.
  • The operating system used by the user.

We will also use third party services to market our products to the users of our website based on their prior visit. For instance, a user might see the ads of our services on a different website.

GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation)

We also act as a ‘data controller’ of your personal information which is applicable to the EU data protection law 2016/679 (the”GDPR”).

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